Schap Friends

photo shows Schapendoes Shady & Zing with their little blonde dog friends Jazzy & Nippet
Jazzy, Shady, Nippet, Zing

Schapendoes Shady and Zing currently live with two little dogs Jazzy the Lowchen and Nippet the Shih Tzu mix. They are one big, happy, and snuggly family.

Nippet, Jazzy, Shady, Zing

I love that my Schapendoes girls are friendly to all dogs and people. They are always welcoming with guests and foster dogs, and they are polite with cats.

We took in foster puppy Nippet and Zing insisted we keep her
Zing making sure puppy Nippet is OK during her bath
Zing and “her” puppy Nippet

I fostered a pregnant rescue dog a few years ago. After being afraid of the dogs in her previous foster home, the very pregnant foster dog instantly knew she was safe with my dogs and she stretched out for a much needed nap. Young Zing was a great help with the puppies.

pregnant foster girl relaxing with my sweet girls
young Zing with pregnant foster girl
young Zing with the foster puppies
young Zing with the foster puppies
young Zing with the foster puppies
Jazzy & Shady are best buddies